A Practical Method for Assessing the Physical Conditions of Every Property in Your Middle Neighborhood — and Exciting Ways to Put the Data into Action

Thursday, October 28, 2021 | 12:00 – 1:300 PM EDT | REGISTER HERE

The tools we have today to analyze data make it possible to learn things that can completely reshape how we deploy scarce resources to strengthen our middle neighborhoods. But sometimes we still need to collect and feed timely building conditions data into the system to reveal new insights.

czb is an urban planning firm with experience across 40 states working for a range of nonprofit, municipal, philanthropic, and the clients.  The core of their work is in neighborhoods of older, urban cities.  Over the last two decades they have systemized a process for routinely assessing building conditions of entire cities for their clients, and then leveraging that data to help clients make strategic intervention decisions with scarce resources.

In this practical, 90-minute webinar you will learn why current building condition data is important to strategy, a methodology for efficiently collecting reliable data at low cost, including recruiting and training volunteers and paid college students, and how to link data collection not just to strategy but resident leadership development as well.  It is not as hard as you may think, and the rewards are considerable.

czb staff will also share some of the fascinating ways they’ve used this data with maps, charts, and new program design.  Finally, you can engage with our speakers around the best ways to implement a neighborhood-level assessment.

This virtual symposium will focus on critical trends, challenges and opportunities facing middle neighborhoods and will delve into areas including strategies for creating and preserving affordable housing, increasing resources to support revitalization activities, building wealth, forging collaborations, and engaging residents. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about what’s working from middle neighborhood leaders across the country and share your own promising approaches!

Charles Buki, Founder and President, czbLLC
Peter Lombardi, Director of Revitalization Planning, czbLLC

Marcia Nedland, Principal, Fall Creek Consultants and Organizer, Middle Neighborhoods Community of Practice