Organization Matrix

Neighborhood Stabilization across the Country

Robust work is underway across the nation by organizations that recognize the unique position of middle neighborhoods as places on the edge. These organizations have broadened the typical range of community development services, offering services and resources that help to stabilize neighborhoods for current and future residents. A summary of the services and resources these organizations provide appears in the middle neighborhood organization grid on the following pages.

The neighborhoods these organizations serve are identified below.

  • Greater Milwaukee Foundation: Capitol Heights and 12 others
  • Capitol Heights: Capitol Heights
  • Greater Chatham Initiative: Chatham, Greater Grand Crossing, Avalon Park, Auburn Gresham
  • Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation: Old Brooklyn
  • Slavic Village Development: Slavic Village
  • The City of Geneva: Hildreth Hill and 10 others
  • NeighborWorks Rochester: Triangle, Swillburg, Brooks Landing, Pocket
  • Healthy Neighborhoods Inc.: Belair-Edison, Waverly and 40 others
  • Strong City Baltimore: Waverly and 9 others
  • Jubilee Baltimore: Midtown, Central City, Southeast Baltimore
  • Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc.: Belair-Edison
  • Mt. Airy USA: Mount Airy
  • The City of Philadelphia

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