The Middle Neighborhoods Community of Practice (CoP) is an informal, facilitated network of practitioners, researchers, and policymakers working in the field to strengthen middle neighborhoods.  The CoP also connects these practitioners to local and national intermediaries, financial institutions, and foundations who are interested in middle neighborhoods.

The primary purpose of the Community of Practice is to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and technical assistance opportunities among practitioners working to stabilize and strengthen middle neighborhoods.  The CoP also provides input to researchers and policymakers and builds support for middle neighborhood work.  The CoP’s work takes place primarily through newsletters, webinars, peer introductions, site visits, focus groups, and direct communication on the CoP listserv .  The CoP has also hosted annual in-person convenings, which will resume in future years.

Actions You Can Take to Grow and Support the CoP

  1. Join and participate in the Listserv. This is the most direct way for CoP members to interact with each other. Share your questions and successes.
  2. Submit an article, news item, or resource idea for the newsletter to Marcia.
  3. Host a Middle Neighborhoods 101 webinar for people in your organization or community to help them learn about middle neighborhoods and launch a discussion on local opportunities.  We will help you plan this and deliver the webinar with you.
  4. Submit an idea for a webinar topic to Marcia
  5. Convene (virtually until in-person meetings are advisable) other CoP members in your region to discuss a particular issue, or to start creating a regional action agenda. Marcia can help you contact your peers and plan your convening.
  6. We can also help you convene a group of CoP members by interest rather than geography.  Past convenings have included city government representatives.
  7. Represent middle neighborhoods in local policy discussions.  Access some talking points here.
  8. Propose and conduct a session on middle neighborhoods for conferences and other convenings or groups you participate in. We’ll help with the proposal, recruiting panelists, planning, etc.

Resources for the Community of Practice

Join the CoP

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Nedra Sims Fears, Executive Director                             Jeff Verespej, Executive Director

Greater Chatham Initiative                                                Old Brooklyn CDC

Chicago, Illinois                                                                    Cleveland, Ohio

Lead Organizer

Marcia Nedland