On the Edge

America’s Middle Neighborhoods

On the Edge (Full PDF)

David Erickson, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
David H. Mortimer, The American Assembly

Paul C. Brophy, Brophy & Reilly, LLC

  1. The Middle Neighborhood Movement, 1970–2000
    Joe McNeely, Community Development Consultant
    Paul C. Brophy, Brophy & Reilly, LLC
  2. The Case for Intervention in Middle Neighborhoods
    George Galster, Hilberry Professor of Urban Affairs, Wayne State University
  3. Demographics and Characteristics of Middle Neighborhoods in Select Legacy Cities
    Ira Goldstein, William Schrecker, and Jacob L. Rosch, Reinvestment Fund
  4. Is the Urban Middle Neighborhood an Endangered Species? Multiple Challenges and Difficult Answers
    Alan Mallach, Center for Community Progress
  5. Homeownership and the Stability of Middle Neighborhoods
    Alan Mallach, Center for Community Progress
  6. Strategies to Improve Middle Neighborhoods
    David Boehlke, czb planning and The Healthy Neighborhoods Group
  7. Using Place-Branding Strategy to Create Homebuyer Demand for Middle Neighborhoods in Legacy Cities
    Marcia Nedland, Fall Creek Consultants
  8. The Healthy Neighborhoods Program: A Middle Neighborhoods Improvement Strategy
    Mark Sissman, Healthy Neighborhoods, Inc.
    Darlene Russell, Greater Milwaukee Foundation
  9. Understanding Middle Neighborhoods as Vital Parts of Regional Economies
    Robert Weissbourd, RW Ventures, LLC
  10. Rebuilding From Strength as a Strategy to Safeguard Middle Neighborhoods in Detroit: A Philanthropic Perspective
    Wendy Jackson, The Kresge Foundation
  11. Preservation in Middle Neighborhoods: Promising Results in Ohio
    Cara Bertron, Preservation Rightsizing Network Nicholas Hamilton, The American Assembly, Columbia University
  12. Local Public Policy and Middle Neighborhoods
    Henry S. Webber, Brown School of Social Work and Washington University
Middle Neighborhoods
Middle Neighborhoods
Middle Neighborhoods