On the Edge


The American Assembly 

On the Edge: America’s Middle Neighborhoods is published by The American Assembly, a public policy institute advancing non-partisan public policy discussions through convening, research, and publication. Over 100 ‘American Assemblies’ have been held on topics ranging from prison reform to health care to nuclear disarmament. Assembly projects have made a wide range of contributions to economic, urban, and cultural policy, including projects on workforce development, financial regulation, and the role of the arts in American universities. David Mortimer and other leaders at The American Assembly were quick to see the value of a discussion of middle neighborhoods in the context of Legacy Cities—a lead initiative of the organization.

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Community Development

The SF Fed’s community development team works with a wide range of organizations to create economic opportunity for lower income Americans. Addressing the complex, long-standing challenges that limit opportunity requires collaboration across sectors and disciplines. The SF Fed develops and connects best practices and emerging ideas with organizations best positioned to make meaningful change in communities. David Erickson, head of the Community Development Department at the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, showed immediate interest in middle neighborhoods. David committed much time and effort to produce this volume in report form for the bank’s Community Investment Journal—and this book would not have been possible with out his early interest and support.