Cleveland 2018

Working Group Meeting

Themed “Building Advocacy for Middle Neighborhoods,” this second national convening brought together the growing movement of practitioners, policymakers, and researchers dedicated to stabilizing “on the edge” neighborhoods around the country.

The meeting builds from several years of activities, led by Paul Brophy and a growing community of practice, organized to:

–  Help practitioners, policymakers, and advocates active in the fields of city governance, city planning and community development understand that improving neighborhoods is a distinct area of practice, research, and investment.
–  Build public awareness and understanding, including bipartisan support, around the important role middle neighborhoods play in stabilizing communities and the urban economy.
–  Create long-term initiatives and partnerships to advance the field of middle neighborhood improvement.

Designed to accommodate a robust response to an open call for session proposals, the working group meeting prioritized peer sharing and training opportunities and provided open sessions for participants to self-organize discussions on topics of mutual interest. A major focus of the meeting was to identify pathways to broaden and deepen the middle neighborhoods movement. Also important was to demonstrate how middle neighborhoods stabilization can reinforce inclusive development and racial equity, in Cleveland and nationally.

A meeting summary is forthcoming.