March 25, 2019

Are you a member of the Middle Neighborhoods Community of Practice (CoP)? The CoP is an informal, facilitated network of practitioners, researchers, and policymakers who share learnings through topical webinars, referrals, site visits, phone calls, and occasional larger group events. If you have ever attended one of our webinars or events, completed the CoP Questionnaire, or expressed a desire to be added to our contact list, we count you as a member – it’s that easy.

There are currently 250 individuals in the Middle Neighborhood Community of Practice (CoP), representing 131 organizations working within 33 specific cities or counties, across a specific region, or nationwide. The primary purpose of the Community of Practice is to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and technical assistance opportunities among practitioners active, or seeking to become active, in strategies to stabilize and strengthen middle neighborhoods.

The Community of Practice has two practitioner co-chairs, Nedra Sims-Fears of Greater Chatham Initiative in Chicago and Jeff Verespej of Old Brooklyn CDC in Cleveland. The organizer for the CoP is Marcia Nedland (also a practitioner) who is leading the charge to build the capacity of practitioners, while also deepening ties between practitioners, researchers, and policymakers.

CoP activities for 2019 include:

  • Bi-monthly newsletter conveying peer features, peer announcements, news stories, and resources.
  • Bi-monthly webinars with panels of practitioners, researchers, and policymakers speaking to topics of interest to other practitioners.
  • Collection and sharing of middle neighborhood profiles.
  • Best practice documentation and dissemination.
  • Facilitation of peer-to-peer referrals, introductions, and site visits.
  • One-hour Intro to Middle Neighborhoods webinar available for delivery to local networks on behalf of a CoP member, and offered regularly to help on-board new CoP members.
  • Facilitation of specific peer-peer contacts from an experienced practitioner to one exploring middle neighborhoods as a policy or practice initiative, e.g., council member-to-council member, foundation-to-foundation.
  • Facilitated input to research partners such as the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy, on priority research questions for practitioners.
  • Similar input for partners in lending, government and foundation communities.

Want to work with Marcia on a webinar? Want to organize a site visit to a peer? Ready to document your work in a case study?

To get yourself added to the CoP, complete the Questionnaire or email Marcia Nedland at

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