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January 10, 2019

The Middle Neighborhoods Project Director will lead the Middle Neighborhoods Initiative for the Cleveland Community Development Corporation (CCDC) and report to the City of Cleveland’s Community Development Director. To create a mixed income, middle class city, Cleveland needs to foster the development of neighborhoods that appeal to families and that are affordable to those who fall above HUD’s 80% area median income (AMI) threshold.

In order to develop a strategy around the development and creation of middle income neighborhoods, the City of Cleveland’s Department of Community Development seeks a seasoned professional over two years who will be focused on this effort. Beyond their time, they need to be able to tap into consultants and partners who will implement a plan that will be realized over the next five years. The position is a two-year fellowship funded by The Cleveland Foundation.

The Project Director, consultants, and partners will explore what Cleveland needs to build economic opportunity for residents and new families that want to live in Cleveland’s neighborhoods. Rather than our work being driven solely by what HUD will fund, we will start to map out what outcomes the residents of Cleveland need to grow and thrive. This will take considerable community engagement and tools that the department has not utilized in the past.

The work of the Project Director will extend beyond Cleveland Community Development, assisting with the Development cluster’s broader strategy and tool exploration and possibly partnering with Community Relations, Public Works, the Police, and Workforce Development.

The Project Director’s Scope of Work will include but is not be limited to:

  1. Develop a middle income strategy for Cleveland, including but not limited to (Year One):
    a. Tools to incentivize middle income development, including tax and land bank policy
    b. Build a sustainable, market-based home rehabilitation model
    c. Spur investment from the private financial market by first bridging the appraisal and lending gap with non-profit partners (e.g. NHS, CHN)
    d. Incorporate workforce and economic opportunity into the neighborhood strategy
    e. Develop a marketing toolkit for current residents and to attract new businesses and residents
  2. Ensure the middle income strategy leverages and complements the Mayor’s Neighborhood Transformation Initiative and Housing Partner’s investment
  3. Develop a five year strategy implementation plan (Year Two)
    a. Outline, quantify and secure the resources to implement the strategy developed in year one
    b. Accelerate market rate housing, especially in middle income neighborhoods
    c. Begin to incorporate workforce and economic opportunity work into neighborhoods

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Five to seven years in local government and/or community, planning and/or economic development.
  • Two to five years housing and/or development/real estate experience preferred.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong project management and implementation skills.
  • Comfortable working within the confines of City Hall and the City Council process while also pushing for innovative solutions in the community.
  • Business, marketing and sales background could be helpful.

Please submit a letter of interest and resume to

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